CAN BUS interface

CAN bus interface transfers messages from “the brain” of a vehicle. By connecting a GPS controller to a bus, all vital parameters of the vehicle will be visible to its owner. CAN Bus interface analyses the driver’s driving style and makes conclusions.

CAN bus interface installation:

The GPS controller is connected to the electrical system of the vehicle so that the warranty of the vehicle remains valid.

CAN bus interface possibilities:

The information received via CAN bus interface enables you to determine which driver has the most economical driving style.
The CAN bus interface also provides a detailed overview of soon-to-be depreciated car fleet. For example, a vehicle consumes an unreasonable amount of fuel or needs oil changes more frequently than foreseen by norms.
Since CAN bus is a relatively new technology and has no unified standard that all car producers would support, we need to confirm that the service is suitable for your car.

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