GSM tasks is a new function/application that enables to analyze and effectively administrate the logistics of the company.

One of the main functions presented in GSM tasks is a full overview of work assignments that are provided by administrative or managing department of the company. The assignments that are in progress or have to be conducted, are visualized on the map, including the drivers positioning, locations of the assignment and the order of tasks.

Additional features include a real-time notifications, route optimizing, analytics, simple coordinating, digital documents that can be signed by using a smart mobile application. There is a possibility to update the status of tasks related to the documents, signatures and pictures of the specific assignment. All necessary documents (contracts, waybills) situated with GSM tasks software are digitalized, in order to avoid excessive paperwork.

Active driving time, duration of loading and unloading process, distance from the customer and the summary of the time spent on the tasks- everything is presented in the analytical solution, providing all the important measured values, so that you can analyze your company’s activity.

GSM tasks, a new way to increase your business efficiency!
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