Vehicle fleet tracking system

Our Navirec fleet tracking system enables real time tracking of the vehicle fleet equipped with GPS navigation devices. The data is transmitted via mobile data communication, which ensures non-stop motion and provides monitoring of vehicles on location maps. The features of the fleet tracking system that are always traceable include vehicle’s driving direction, stops, parking and activity-related coordinates.

Basic Functions of Fleet Tracking System

• Electronic driving log book
• Fuel control
• Areas
• Notifications
• Maintenance module
• Personalized user rights according to employee profile

Possibilities of Fleet Tracking System

With Navirec fleet tracking system you can prepare customized trip reports containing just the data you need in your everyday work. In addition, you can monitor client visits and view trip history. Navirec makes it possible for you to manage fuel consumption and temperature fluctuations in your fridge trucks. Navirec’s goal is to create special solutions for every client. We do our very best to allow you as an entrepreneur to make effective decisions to manage your vehicle fleet.

Competitive advantages of Fleet Tracking System

– Automatic reports
– Client-customized special solutions
– User rights solution


The device installed on a vehicle allows Navirec’s server to position your car and obtain various data (e. g. fuel level, temperature). After the device is installed on a vehicle, it becomes fully autonomous and the driver can even forget it’s there.